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Once upon a time, I was 350 pounds. I am also a depression sufferer, Hidradenitis Suppurativa Warrior, PCOS Warrior, and above all, I have two little people in my world who call me Momma.


I will leave out the parts about how I got to be 350 pounds. It is a very long and messy story. It’s a part of my life that I wish did not exist. The only positive thing that came from that life, was my daughter.


That being said, I will spare you the messy story and begin the day I found out I weighed 350 pounds. The day my oldest was born.


Her birth was my rebirth.


I was married at the time of my ex-husband. It was only 3 years later that I left him and began the real journey.


I spent 3 years being severely morbidly obese, I remember being in tech school to become a Medical Assistant and I was the biggest girl in the class. When it came time to practice weighing each other I was petrified. I avoided that like the plague.


After I graduated with my Associate’s Degree in Specialized Technology, I was hired at an OB/GYN office. I was still married at the time to Husband number 1 and that was quickly falling apart. I had begun to learn who I was in my mid 20’s. I started out with Weight Watchers. During that period of time, it was the Points Plus program. I had got my weight down to 310 pounds just by working and being more active. I remember never taking lunch to work because I was extremely ashamed to eat anything more than some veggies in front of anyone.


Once again, I was the biggest person at all times.

I remember being so self-conscious sometimes and often wondered what people thought about me. Did they think I was disgusting? Surely, no doubt they made fun of me! That's what circulated in my brain all of the time no matter where I was. At work, or just out shopping. I was always thinking about my weight.


When I started the Weight Watchers program, I successfully brought my weight down to 274 pounds. The lowest weight I had been since 2008. It was 2015 and I had officially broken away from my toxic marriage.


I met my husband Patrick in January of 2016 and spent the first year of our marriage weighing the same.


In August of 2016, we had only been together for 6 months when I found out I was pregnant with our son.


I gained some weight during the pregnancy, I gave birth to him at 316 pounds. I felt like I was back at square one.


To my surprise, when I came home postpartum and weighed myself 2 days after I weighed in at 299 pounds. I was totally ecstatic! Nothing felt greater than being under 300 pounds!


I got myself fully back on the wagon when I rejoined Weight Watchers in September of 2017, by that time they had established the Sugar Smart Program. Shortly after in November they converted to WW Freestyle plan. That plan didn’t work very well for me. I actually gained! There were too many zero points or “free” foods, and I was indulging in those too much.

I didn’t even think about how much calories mattered at the time. If I only knew what I know now!


Once again I was on a pause. In December I found iTrackbites and restarted, AGAIN. I followed the Carb Conscious plan which is the iTrackbites version of WW Points Plus program. My official starting weight on iTrackbites was 284lbs.


By June of 2018, I had gotten down to 265 pounds. My weight loss soared from there. November 24th, 2018 I had officially lost 50 pounds. By June of 2019, I had made my way down to 214lbs.

Then in July of 2019, I hit my all-time lowest weight of 209 pounds.


I had achieved a loss of 140 pounds in a matter of 7 years! I had achieved a 74-pound loss with the iTrackbites program alone.


What an amazing feeling.


The end of summer 2019 posed the worst bout of depression I had ever experienced. I couldn’t lose anymore.


I had been in a life-altering accident that caused me to spiral out of control in every part of my life, including tracking and finishing my weight loss journey.


I healed and just now September 2020 after the entire world stopped because of COVID-19 I am finally regaining my control. I have been at a long pause for an entire year now, and I am ready to share my journey as I continue to navigate it with the world.


Not only does this help me with accountability, but I love the idea that I can possibly reach other people and hope I can inspire them to not give up on their goals.


Although I am not close to my goal yet, I have come further than I ever thought possible.

When people ask me “How long does it take?”

My answer: It takes as long as it takes.


Everyone is different, there is no numerical answer I could ever give that would be remotely accurate. I would be lying!


If you’ve made it to the end of this, I thank you for reading my story. I hope that it has inspired you in some way.


I have a lot of ideas for this site swimming through my mind daily. It seems very multi-faceted but eventually, the consistency and niche will all come together.


I have a lot of time to answer questions and help anyone if I can, please use the Contact Us page to shoot me a message. I am happy to help!


Happy Tracking!


Courtney-The Tracking Momma