5 Low Bite Finds 9/03/2020

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

In an effort to share not just the recipes I create, I want to share 5 of some of my favorite low point finds!

These 5 low point finds can work for any of the plans you are on whether it is the Weight Watchers Blue, Green, or Purple plan. Or if it's iTrackbites sugar smart, balance, cravings, carb-conscious, or just plain old calorie counting. These are versatile and are a staple in my regular grocery shop routines.

DISCLAIMER: I was unable to find point values for each of these plans. (except the dressing) I am still searching for a tool that will allow me to share this information across the board to make life easier for you all. Use your trackers as each plan is different!

1. Bolthouse Farms Ranch Dressing

The battle of finding a low calorie, low fat, non chemically tasting ranch dressing had ended when I found this. If you're a ranch lover like I am, you know that the restaurant ranch that is literally made with full-fat mayo, ranch mix, and buttermilk is the best of the best! Also not very friendly to your waistline. While this is a yogurt-based dressing, it does not taste like it. This, I promise you are the best alternative.

1 point on all iTrackbites plans!

2. Harvest Snacks Black Bean Snack Crisps

These snack crisps deliver not only a great snack, but a really great addition to salads when you want something crunchy and croutons are not a thing in your life. Also a great way to get your veggies in if you're lacking in that area. There are several different varities including ones that are made from red lentils, and peas. Also GOOD NEWS, they are NON-GMO. You can snag these up on Amazon or any major grocery retailer. Check them out! https://harvestsnaps.com/mission/

3 points per serving (22 pieces) on iTrackbites Conquer Cravings! Check your tracker for point values on other plans!

3. Premier Protein Shakes

I am almost entirely certain that if you are active in the Weight Watchers or iTrackbites communities on Facebook or Instagram that you've heard of these. They are 160 calories for the 14-ounce bottle. These are amazing as a snack or meal replacement. I love using them as a low-calorie coffee creamer. Vanilla is probably my favorite, but I have heard great things about the other flavors. There is a coffee-flavored one that I haven't been able to get my hands on yet!

3 points on iTrackbites Conquer Cravings. Check your tracker for point values on other plans!

4. Nasoya Vegan Won Ton Wrappers

I recently used these awesome won ton wrappers to make little cream cheese won ton cups for my kids and husband to snack on. You can use them and fill them with pretty much anything you like! They do come in a larger size, these are the mini wrappers.

3 points on iTrackbites Conquer Cravings for 3 of them.

5. Flat out Carb Down 7

If you are very interested in working on keeping your carb intake on track, these are one of your best bets. Flatout has so many different varieties of their flatbreads, it is amazing. These are literally the only zero point wrap that I have come across to date. These are my go-to when I'm running out of points quickly but need something just to hold me over or get me through. Great as a wrap or making mini low calorie/point pizzas. Mini pizzas are probably my favorite way to use them.

0 points on iTrackbites Conquer Cravings. Check your tracker for point values on other plans!

That's what I have for this week. Check back next Thursday for more goodies! Please use the Contact Me page if you have any ideas or your own finds you would like to share with me so I can feature them in my posts!

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