Staying On Track-Summer Edition- Barbecues and Picnics

Summer is my favorite season, I love being outdoors and even more heading out to a great barbecue or picnic with family and friends! If you’re trying to lose weight, anxiety about staying on track can sometimes arise. How will you track? How are you going to avoid those unhealthy foods, the potato salad, macaroni salad, and all of the other delicious foods that we find at these gatherings?

The good news is that you can absolutely stay on track while attending a barbecue or picnic!

Bring a covered dish.

I love to cook, so this one is my favorite. You can enjoy whatever you make, and others can too! Use the recipe feature in your iTrackbites app that way you know how many BITES or calories are in whatever you whip up. You could even just head on over to the grocery store and pick up a fruit tray, those are always a big hit and healthy to boot!

Plan ahead.

While pre-tracking everything you eat may not be possible, especially if you don’t know what’s on the menu, you can make the decision ahead of time on how much food you will allot yourself. Whenever I’m faced with this I usually plan to eat just one plate of food and make sure I load up on fruit and veggies. If you’re on one of iTrackbites plans that have Zero Bites incorporated, you can easily track those using your Zero Bites Guide! Keep protein in mind too, avoid anything fried, have some chicken and if you’re in the mood for a burger, think about skipping the bun. Another great way to ensure you don’t overeat is to have a quick and filling snack before you head out for the day.

Skip the snacks.

A lot of the time there will be an overabundance of chips, dips and other goodies set out before the meal is ready to go, so do your best to skip the snacks that way you can enjoy more of the main dishes.


If you’re busy talking and moving about then you’re less likely to continue to pick at foods throughout the day, if the party you’re at has games like cornhole or anything that involves physical activity, definitely participate! You’ll be getting that activity in too and burning those calories!

Have fun!

Just remember that if you fall off that wagon, or things don’t go as planned there's a new tomorrow and healthy eating can resume then. Enjoy yourself and remember, never punish yourself. Keep moving, and keep tracking!

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